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Ovidius University Medical School Of Constanta Romania

This is a wonderful city to visit as it has the Opera Square or the Piata where you will also get to enjoy the wonderful sight of the Roman Orthodox Cathedral as well as get to see majestic palaces of the rich Romanians. In this city, you will surely love a walk in its parks. You can also visit the Union Square or the Piata Unirii where you will get to see historical buildings like the Catholic Dome and the Baroque Palace, etc. When I see how farmers whip them, it drives me mad," Craciun said. "I go to sleep thinking about them. I wake up thinking about them."

On the way back to the train station we stopped along the boardwalk and took some beautiful photos of an inlet, and a sandbar. Though the beach was rocky there was some sand further inland and under a bridge we walked over. Unsure of what to do we ended up taking a half hour cab ride to Monaco for a few hours, but though surreal and gorgeous there wasn't really anything affordable to do. The castle was beautiful and a race was happening at the famous speedway, but after walking along the pier for a bit we decided to go back to Ventimiglia.

Study reveals that trovants can be formed only in large deposits of highly porous sand along with the presence of certain mineral carbonates. The growth of the stone happens when a chemical reaction sets in between the layers of sand and the mineral carbonates in the presence of rain water. As the reaction proceeds, it forms layers over the inner rock core. The rock thus appears to grow as layers of the sand and mineral carbonate product deposit at a rate of 4-5 cm in 1200 years. Samples of trovants are kept on display at the Trovant Museum in Costesti, in the Valcea region of Romania.

Participantii la evenimentul de lansare a EVault in Romania au avut ocazia de vedea la fata locului cum functioneaza solutiile EVault. Martin Pesa, Presales Engineer, a facut demonstratie practica, in timp real, explicand in detaliu procesele si functionalitatile solutiei, in timp ce Eduards Putra, Channel Sales Manager a prezentat audientei portofoliul de solutii si servicii EVault. Postul România TV și-a schimbat astăzi sigla, după ce postul a fost atenționat de CNA să nu mai folosească una dintre variantele de sigle ce alternau pe ecran. Acum, pe post apare România TV , ca și până acum, dar cu un font puțin schimbat, ce alternează cu romaniatv.netRomania,blogarea de succes,cum sa-ti faci un blog,incalzirea pentru iarna,femei perfecte,scrisoare pentru suflet

Totul a început anul trecut, când Yannick De Neef şi prietenii săi au decis să îşi facă vacanţa în staţiunea spaniolă Lloret del Mar. Înainte de plecare, tânărul belgian şi-a cumpărat un HTC cu cameră suficient de bună cât să nu mai fie nevoit să se care după el şi cu aparatul de fotografiat. Yannick recunoaşte pe blogul său că s-a dus în Spania la agăţat. A reuşit să cunoască fată şi, prea concentrat să facă impresie bună, a uitat să mai fie atent la telefonul său. Şi-a dat seama că nu îl mai are abia când a ajuns cu fata pe plajă.

An exciting discovery has been made in Venice, Italy in March of 2009. A team of archeologists was digging a gravesite on the island of Lazzaretto Nuovo, in Venice looking for some clues to the remains of plague victims in the middle ages, in 1576, when they serendipitously found a female skeleton with her mouth stuffed with a brick. What is exciting about this find is that it was the practice in the 1500's in Italy to stuff the mouth of a vampire with a brick. Borrini presented his findings to the American Academy of Forensic Sciences in Denver, Colorado.

So far, this is the most popular city in Romania and is the capital of Transylvania. As such, there are a lot of places to see here like the many museums such as the National Art Museum ad the National Museum of the History of Transylvania. Or you can always visit its parks like the Botanical Garden as well as Central Park. The main tourist destination here is the Suceava Fortress. This ancient fortress was erected during the 14th and 15th century and was made more impressive by Stephen the Great. As such, this was never overpowered by attackers.

This is not in par with the other cities but still a good place to visit nonetheless. Along the way to Gura Humorului, do not forget to drop by Bucovina to see the Painted Monasteries. You can also go to Voronet where you and your loved one will surely enjoy a leisurely walk where the landscape is a great sight to behold. Even in a country where the horse is a national symbol, such concern for their welfare is rare. In tough economic times, some Romanians are selling their horses to slaughterhouses because they can't afford to keep them.

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