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The Dramatic Deaths Of Nicolae And Elena Ceausescu

Multumiri speciale merg din partea noastra catre toti cei care au completat chestionarului si au contribuit la popularizarea marketingului afiliat in Romania. Mizam in continuare pe sprijinul vostru prin impartasirea acestui infografic, puteti apela inclusiv la butoanele de share de mai jos. Notificarea privind lotul de carnati fabricati in Romania a fost introdusa pe 3 octombrie in Sistemul European Rapid de Alerta pentru Alimente si Furaje (RASFF) la pozitia 18. Autoritatile europene au blocat astfel comercializarea in spatiul comunitar a unui lot de carnati afumati din carne de porc, fabricati in Romania, care ar contine colorantul E 129 (rosu allura) in proportie de 1,2 mg/kg.

A political crisis has gripped Romania as its left-leaning prime minister, Victor Ponta, slashes and burns his way through constitutional institutions in an effort to eliminate his political competition. In the last few days, Ponta and his center-left Social Liberal Union (USL) party have sacked the speakers of both chambers of parliament, fired the ombudsman, threatened the constitutional court judges with impeachment and prohibited constitutional court from reviewing acts of parliament – all with the aim of making it easier for Ponta to remove President Traian Basescu from office. They hope to accomplish that by week’s end".

Nevertheless, Romanians make an effort to strike a balance between their family life and their career. They also try not to be overcome by stress, while at the same time to improve their quality of work. Most Romanians are of the opinion that happiness is not the end but the means; it is a way of life. They feel happy to wake up to a new day, and thank God for the little joys of life. The challenge of living in Romania is a challenge of attitudes, and those, who cannot find fulfillment, seek it elsewhere in the wideworld.

Last year, the total foreign direct investments amounted to 5.18 billion euros, but the 0.3% difference is irrelevant since the data for 2005 is provisional, according to ARIS. The structure of foreign investments in Romania will considerably change in the years to follow as the state capital still to be privatized is running low Greenfield investments will have an increasingly more important share in the structure of foreign direct investments as the rate of privatizations slows down. Shahmir Khaliq first joined Citigroup in 1991, and has held various senior positions within the Corporate and Investment Bank. In 2000, Shahmir was appointed to the management committee for Citigroup Pakistan.

Done eating we decided to hit the beach. Beaches in the Riviera are rocky. Smooth, shiny, pebbles that do not hurt your feet that sink into them just like sand. The water was like bath water, but it felt wonderful. It was high tide, but you could still see the bottom clearly which was so strange for someone used to Long Island Sound. It was a peaceful and quiet family beach. No topless people, no blasting radios, just people who were probably locals or tourists relaxing. A man was painting the fence along the boardwalk green.

To many people, Romania would appear to be a tough place to live in. After all, it is a country, which went through a lot of hardship in the recent past, and is now trying hard to catch up with the rest of the developed world. The thing is, it has actually become easier to live in Romania at present. Life of the average Romanian is intimately involved with work. Romanians are busy people and begin their working day pretty early. They usually start off at seven in the morning and finish off by three in the afternoon.

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